Christian Counseling Certification

Certifying Christians and Ministers of the Gospel for the Ministry of Counseling

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We provide Christian Counseling Certification and training for Christians who desire to enter the ministry and practice of counseling. Classes provide a sound foundation in Biblical doctrine and theology necessary to inform, guide, and ground Christian counselors in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Our classes will also equip counselors with the knowledge of psychological and counseling theory applicable to various counseling settings and individual, couple, and family needs.

We are headquartered in Fayetteville, GA. In addition to certification, we also offer counseling services in-person and virtual.

We can be contacted at [email protected] or (770) 728-8333 for any questions or concerns.

Courses Included with Purchase

Systematic Theology
Essential Doctrines of Christianity
Terrell Pugh
Emotional Responsiveness & Intelligence
Become an Emotionally Responsive Spouse
Terrell Pugh
How to Communicate Your Feelings
Learn how to effectively communicate your feelings.
Terrell Pugh
Introduction to Counseling and Psychology (Required Completion)
Foundational Elements and Theories to Counseling
Terrell Pugh
Human Experiences (Required Completion)
Exploring The Experiences of Humanity
Terrell Pugh
Couples, Family, & Individual Counseling (Required Completion)
The Practice of Counseling People
Terrell Pugh
Common Mental Health Disorders (DSM-5)
Over 40 of the most common mental health disorders
Terrell Pugh
Treatment Planning
Terrell Pugh

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